This is a rubric that want to show to all clients and future clients of Benerent what they can visit in Portugal using rent-a-car service of Benerent, based on Parque das Nações, in Lisbon.

The fifth place that we are going to make known (or maybe not) is a county extremely rich in cultural heritage, diversity of activities and, of course, many places to visit (besides the beaches): we speak of Portimão.

Portimão is less than a three-hour drive from the Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, where is located Benerent, your car rental service. In this image you can check the path to Portimão, as well as its location.


Benerent-Portimão Path (Google Maps)

As soon as the name of Portimão is inserted in the search engines, the most associated are the beaches that are there, namely Praia da Rocha. But there is much more to see, as we will show.



The human presence in the county of Portimão originates in Prehistory, as evidenced by the important necropolis of Alcalar.

The megalithic tombs of Alcalar are ancient funerary temples that were built and used for several generations, for several centuries, in the 3rd millennium before the beginning of the Christian era. A great place, asking for a visit.


Megalithic tombs of Alcalar (Wikipedia)

Besides the prehistoric presence in this soil, there is still a Roman presence, demarcated by Villa Abicada.

The ruins of the “villa” of Abicada, of the Roman Period, are located at the end of a peninsula integrated in the peculiar environment of Ria de Alvor. This building was part of a Mediterranean-style architecture that took advantage of the beauty of the landscape and the mild climate to create an environment of architectural quality for its inhabitants.


Villa Abicada (Roteiro Portugal)

As you can see, there is history to know in the county of Portimão. But the culture in this part of the Algarve doesn’t stop here.

In terms of festive events, there is the Sardine Festival, which, in addition to being inspired by a typical meal of the region, takes many visitors to Portimão during that festive season. Considered one of the biggest parties in Portimão and one of the biggest gastronomic festivals in the Algarve, this event presents the best recipes using sardines, animated with the best music, always in the beginning of August of each year.


Sardine Festival (Sul Informação)

Another place you can not miss while visiting Portimão is Portimão Arena. Portimão Arena is the latest, modern and innovative infrastructure of the Algarve’s Fair and Exhibition Center. It’s born from the need to provide the Algarve with a multipurpose pavilion capable of hosting meetings, banquets and other corporate events, such as brand launches or products, fairs, congresses and even sporting and musical shows of great scope. At the end of August, for example, will receive the Masters Cup, a Futsal tournament that brings together the best teams in the world, joining in this event the presentation of the land club, Portimonense.


Portimão Arena (Jornal do Algarve)


As a tourist point it is, the county of Portimão offers a huge variety of activities that you can do if this is your holiday destination.

If you go on a family trip and include children there, you can’t go without taking them on a practically realistic trip on the pirate ship Santa Bernarda. On this trip you can see the caves that surround the various beaches of Portimão, always with the experience of being aboard a pirate ship.


Pirate Ship (TripAdvisor)

If you are a lover of extreme sports there is also a lot of variety in this county. From nautical sports to skydiving, as well as driving experience in a kart track or racetrack, there is much to do in Portimão. As the experience of driving race cars isn’t something that can be done every day, we advise you to go to the Autódromo de Portimão.


Autódromo de Portimão (TripAdvisor)

If you like to stroll through nature while on holiday, the county of Portimão offers five natural walking routes. We advise you to take the course of Ponta de João D’Arens, which connects Praia do Vau to the beach with that name, on a path where rocks carved by erosion welcome several species of birds.


Ponta de João D’Arens beach (E-konomista)


Being Portimão a county with maritime border, it’s normal that the most prominent in its gastronomy is based on fish.

The grilled fish on the fire, especially the sardines, make the delights of tourists who choose this holiday destination. As we mentioned before, there is even a gastronomic festival dedicated to sardines. The county of Portimão also has a strong seafood tradition.


Sardine (Correio da Manhã)

Another of the ex-libris of their gastronomy is the carob tart. It’s a tart rich in flavors, moist, intense and of an irresistible texture. Since carob is a typical product of the Algarve (it grows throughout the region), it’s normal to use it immensely in its gastronomy. Carob is considered an alternative to cocoa.


Carob tart (Teleculinaria)


Speaking of Portimão, we can’t fail to have a separate tab to talk about the beaches of this county.

With a huge variety of beaches, we will highlight just two: Praia da Rocha and Três Irmãos Beach.

Praia da Rocha is one of the most emblematic beaches in the entire Algarve. With a vast and spacious beach of more than 1 km, it has a wide walkway that runs along the entire beach, as well as a Sports Area. On the avenue, which accompanies the beach, you can find hotels, bars, terraces, discos and a casino, culminating in the Marina of Portimão.


Praia da Rocha (Virtual Portugal)

Três Irmãos Beach is another council that we give you. According to some reports, on this demure beach you can see the most beautiful sunset. With a unique dimension, it lies on a long and wide sandy barrier. Its dunes house several species of birds, micro-mammals, reptiles and many insects. Três Irmãos Beach is bounded by rocks and gives access to Prainha when the tide is low.


Três Irmãos Beach (Guia da Cidade)


If you asked us to choose a place, in the county of Portimão, where you should spend a vacation, we would advise the parish of Alvor.


Alvor (PlanetAlgarve)

With much lodging and restaurants to receive you, Alvor is an area of the county of Portimão increasingly sought after.

You can visit several monuments, mostly religious, among them the Castle of Alvor, but what most strikes us is the Alvor boardwalk. A very popular attraction consisting of a raised walkway that crosses the dunes, mud and quicksand of the river estuary. The boardwalk provides a unique walk along the river and can be crossed on foot or by bicycle.


Alvor Boardwalk (Algarve Tourism)

As it couldn’t be, we must tell you about the beaches in the area of Alvor. In addition to Três Irmãos Beach, which we have already mentioned, there is also a beach that’s one of the ex libris of the region: Praia de Alvor. The Blue Flag and the Gold Quality award confirm both the environmental quality of the water and the infrastructure. The vast sand is another of the charms of this beach in front of the Ria de Alvor.


Praia de Alvor (SAPO 24)


  • According to archaeological data, there is a human presence in Portimonian territory since the Neolithic period;
  • The Portimão race track is considered one of the best in the world.

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