This is a rubric that want to show to all clients and future clients of Benerent what they can visit in Portugal using rent-a-car service of Benerent, based on Parque das Nações, in Lisbon.

The sixth touristic point that we present to you is in the region of Trás-os-Montes, it is in the course of the Tâmega River and has in the ham its gastronomic ex-libris: we are talking about the county of Chaves.

Chaves is located more than 4 hours drive from Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, where is located Benerent, your car rental service. In this image you can check the path to Chaves, as well as its location.


Benerent-Chaves Path (Google Maps)

Well known for the sympathy and hospitality of its people, as we investigate a little more about the county of Chaves, we can see that Ponte de Trajano over the Tâmega River and its famous gastronomy are the most searched points. A county that you went to (k)now.



The Ponte de Trajano, better known as the Roman bridge of Chaves, is one of the touristic ex-libris of the county. The green parks nearby offer a great view of the bridge over the Tâmega River. A very important work, erected between the end of the first century and the beginning of the second century AD.


Roman Bridge of Chaves (Wikipedia)

The Castle of Chaves is another tourist point that you can’t miss when visiting the county. From what remains of it, only the Keep remains a living history and, outside, a garden has been constructed, where some pieces of the Museum of the Flavian Region are exhibited.


Castel of Chaves (Chaves Monumental)

As for festive events, be deceived who thinks that the county of Chaves doesn’t have moments of fun.

Let’s start with a festival that has almost twenty editions: Folklore Festival of the Grupo de Folclore Vila Medieval de Santo Estêvão. The event takes place during the month of July and receives groups of folklore from all over the country in a show of unique animation.


Folklore (CM Chaves)

Another event that takes place in the county of Chaves and joins many people is the N2 Festival. This event has an immense history and its main objective is to start celebrating and thinking about this mythical road, National Road 2. A festival that takes place in early August and promises musical entertainment for all tastes and ages.


N2 Festival (CM Chaves)


When visiting new places you want to know everything that exists in that area and also practice the activities that are most done in that area.

One of the activities that you have to carry out in the visit to the county of Chaves is the passage of the Tâmega River by the Poldras. They are one more Roman wonder of the city, preserved for millennia. At all, they are 90 poldras that need to pass from one margin to another.


Poldras of Chaves (Chaves – Sapo)

If you chose Chaves as a holiday destination, you have to go to one of the most beautiful parks there: Parque Centenário de Vidago. The park is open to the general public until 7:00 p.m., and you can admire its extensive botanical wealth, where magnolias, plane trees, camels, holly, pine or lavender blend in a splendid combination and hide a tranquil lake and the traditional water fountains thermal.


Vidago Park (Vidago Palace)

If you want to escape the routine and know the reality of nature in its splendor, nothing like visiting the Botanical Park and Zoo of Quinta do Rebentão. In this space you can contemplate the animals in their natural environment and realize the brutal difference that exists between the urban space and the natural space.


Botanical Park and Zoo of Quinta do Rebentão (CM Chaves)


Trás-os-Montes is a Portuguese region fully recognized for its gastronomy, much because of the traditional sausages that taste the palate of those who live there and who goes there.

The county of Chaves doesn’t escape the rule and presents a rich gastronomy, besides the regional sausages.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Chaves is known nationally for his ham. Considered by specialists as the best national ham, the singularity of the Ham of Chaves resides in the distinctive characteristics of the meat of the Bísaro pig, used as raw material in its production, in the climatic characteristics of the geographical space and in the way of slaughtering the pig, as well as in the process of curing the hams.


Ham (CM Chaves)

The other gastronomic delicacy that most highlights the county of Chaves is its famous cake. The Pastel de Chaves is a symbol of the county’s pastry that concentrates in itself historical and cultural details that are worth identifying and protecting. A historical recipe of an important piece in their gastronomy, which has its creation dating from 1862.


Pastel de Chaves (Produtos Tradicionais Portugueses – DGADR)


If you asked us to choose a place for you, in the county of Chaves, where you should spend your vacation, we had to advise about the historical center of Chaves.


Historical center of Chaves (Visitar Portugal)

For all that we have presented throughout this article and due to the quiet of the county of Chaves, nothing better than the possibility of staying in the center of the city, being able to know the history of Chaves within it.

And from Chaves to the other parishes is an instant and you can do it all during your vacation.

We advise mainly to know the parish of Santo Estêvão, that besides the popular celebrations that are part of the tradition of the town has an immense cultural patrimony to know, among them the Mother Church, the S. Mateus Chapel and the Roman Arch.


Santo Estêvão (Chaves – Sapo)


  • Chaves ham was one of the products that were candidates for the 7 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy;
  • National Road 2, which runs from the city of Chaves to Faro, totaling 738 kilometers, is the largest road in Portugal and Europe, and the third largest in the world;
  • The inhabitants of Chaves are called flavienses, name that originates in the foundation of the city in the year 79 B.C., realized by Titus Flávius Vespasiano. He was the first Emperor of the Flavia family during the Roman Empire.

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