This is a rubric that want to show to all clients and future clients of Benerent what they can visit in Portugal using rent-a-car service of Benerent, based on Parque das Nações, in Lisbon.

The seventh destination that we will present to you is located in the Algarve region and, in addition to its beautiful beaches, has a vast territory to know: we will make you know the county of Lagoa.

Lagoa is less than a 3-hour drive from Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, where is Benerent, your car rental service. In this image you can check the path to Lagoa, as well as its location.

Benerent-Lagoa Path (Google Maps)

If you are going to look for Lagoa in the search engines or question someone about what you know about this county, they will probably refer this area to the beaches of Marinha and Benagil and also to the Castle of São João de Arade.



All cultural characteristics are always related to tourism, and the cultural heritage of Lagoa has made the county a renowned tourist destination of Algarve.

The Castle of São João de Arade, built in 1640, is located by the sea and was built under massive rock, with the main purpose of replacing the Castle of Ferragudo. It’s also considered a Property of Public Interest, which shows an enormous importance in this monument.

Castle of São João de Arade (DGPC)

With an unknown date of construction, the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Rocha is located in the village of Porches, along a rocky tip, always overlooking the sea. The reason for its creation is also not totally reliable: a local legend says that it’s linked to the appearance of a Virgin, but it’s known that it was D. João III that had built the fort to defend the beach of the Moorish pirates. What is certain is the beauty of this monument.

Fort of Nossa Senhora da Rocha (TripAdvisor)

The county of Lagoa gathers immense cultural heritage due to religious monuments, such as the Convent of St. Joseph and the Church of Estômbar.

Convent of St. Joseph was built with the purpose of serving the gathering of women and the reception of children, and is currently considered the Cultural Center of the county and, throughout the year, the wings and rooms, the old chapel, the cloister and the modern multipurpose auditorium, are the venue for exhibitions of painting, photography and sculpture, concerts and plays, lectures and small fairs.

Convent of St. Joseph (TripAdvisor)

Church of Estômbar, created in honor of São Tiago, has an unknown origin and was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755, which devastated Portugal. It’s considered a National Monument and has a particularly striking interior, so you can not miss the visit to this place when you go to Lagoa.

Church of Estômbar (Flickr)


When you visit a new place, it’s common to want to carry out activities that accomplish it and that make you leave the routine. The county of Lagoa has a lot to offer in terms of activities, and we will give you some options.

An activity that can’t miss in your visit to the county of Lagoa is to know the caves of Benagil and Marinha. There are several ways to get to know these wonders, but we recommend boating or stand up paddle. The second option allows you to stop at the caves and get to know them more thoroughly.

Benagil Stand Up Paddle (algarve fantastic)

If you are on a family trip, we have to advise you to visit the best known fun zone of Lagoa county: Slide & Splash. Opened in 1986, the water park currently has a total area of 7 hectares, offering many aquatic entertainments for all tastes and ages, as well as lawns with loungers, spaces with animal shows, massage and fish spa , several restoration points and a shop.

Slide & Splash (Odisseias)

If you are a festival lover or are traveling to Lagoa with your friends, you have to choose the dates of the Fair of Craft, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry of Lagoa (FATACIL), a fair that takes thousands of people to the Algarve every year in the middle of August. In addition to the large exhibition areas of agriculture, commerce, industry, handicrafts, gastronomy, there are moments of animation of excellent quality, with special emphasis on musical concerts with artists of the national top, shows of equestrian art, performances of folkloric ranches and other genuine interpreters of Portuguese culture.



Being talking about the Algarve and a border area with the sea, it’s normal for your gastronomy to pass a lot for the fish. The county of Lagoa does not escape to the rule and has in the fish its gastronomic ex-libris.

One of the most typical dishes of the region are the corned oysters, a traditional meal not only of the county of Lagoa but also of the whole Algarve. If you are a fish lover, you must try this delicacy.

Corned oysters (CM Lagoa)

Another typical dish of this region are the corn potatoes with cockles. Also called xerém, this dish has medieval origins and can be used with various types of seafood or meat. It’s a traditional dish of Lagoa, although it’s practically unknown at national level. Look at the image of the dish and tell us if you don’t feel like sampling.

Corn potatoes with cockles (Pratos y Panelas)


Belonging to the Algarve region, it has to be part of your travel objectives to know the best beaches in the county of Lagoa.

As we can’t speak of all the beaches, we will highlight Benagil Beach, Praia da Marinha and Praia Grande.

Benagil Beach is renowned for its wonderful cave, which we have already mentioned previously. The beach itself was more used for fishing activity, but nowadays, the bathers have taken over this beautiful beach.

Benagil Beach (Lugares Fantásticos)

Marinha Beach is another corner of nature that can be found in the county of Lagoa. Located in Caramujeira, this beach was considered one of the 10 most beautiful in Europe and also entered the world top-100. A beach that, besides its exterior beauty, also has a lot to discover underwater, being frequent to find tourists diving in this beach.

Marinha Beach (Algarve Tips)

In Praia Grande there’s an extensive beach, perhaps the largest in the county of Lagoa, and it’s in the north of the beach that is the Castle of São João de Arade, which we have already mentioned. Located in the parish of Ferragudo, on this beach you can also find lots of fun and places to practice sports, such as volleyball or beach soccer. A beach that you can’t miss.

Praia Grande (Guia da Cidade)


If you asked us to choose a place, in the county of Lagoa, where you should spend a vacation, we would advise the town of Carvoeiro.

Carvoeiro and their beach (Guia da Cidade)

This village is extremely well known for its beach, Carvoeiro Beach. This beach was considered, this year, the best beach in Europe, in a study prepared by European Best Destinations. The typical houses of the region, which meet the sand, make this beach even more special.

Carvoeiro Beach (Filipe Miguel)

Along the cliffs that surround this beach, there is a set of rails and viewpoints offering opportunities for pedestrian routes to discover the coastal shoreline of Lagoa, which stands out the footbridge of Carvoeiro. Are just 570 meters, but the views of the sea and the cliffs are fantastic.

Footbridge of Carvoeiro (Algarve Fun)

In addition to the renowned Praia do Carvoeiro, the village has many more beaches to visit, among which we highlight Paradise Beach.

Her name says pretty much everything. But as the name itself, it’s difficult to get there, but the effort will be largely rewarded by the quiet murmuring of the waves and by the smell of the sea air on this small beach.

Paradise Beach (Olhares – Sapo)


  • The county of Lagoa is composed for only 4 parishes: Lagoa and Carvoeiro, Estômbar and Parchal, Ferragudo and Porches;
  • Praia do Carvoeiro was considered, in 2018, the best beach in Europe by European Best Destinations;
  • Throughout the county, there are more than 10 wild beaches, where access is practically impossible, either on foot or by boat.

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