This is a rubric that want to show to all clients and future clients of Benerent what they can visit in Portugal using rent-a-car service of Benerent, based on Parque das Nações, in Lisbon.


In the ninth edition of this heading we return to the Algarve to present a well-known county of that region: the county of Albufeira.

Albufeira is located about two and a half hours’ drive from Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, where is Benerent, your car rental service. In this image you can check the trip to Albufeira, as well as its location.

Benerent-Albufeira Path (Google Maps)

Being part of the Algarve, it’s normal for Albufeira to be known for its beaches, but the county has much more to know, as we will present to you next.



In the parish of Paderne, you can find the Medieval Bridge of Paderne, a monument protected by the Special Protection Zone of the Castle of Paderne, which was built to serve this same castle and is formed by a rectilinear board set in three arches.

Medieval Bridge of Paderne (Visit Albufeira)

Since we mentioned the Castle of Paderne, let’s talk a little about it. Built in the year 713, the castle is currently in ruins, being considered as Property of Public Interest. Its ruins, reddish in color, are one of the most significant examples of Muslim military architecture in the Iberian Peninsula.

Castle of Paderne (Algarve Primeiro)

If you are passionate about culture and mainly archeology and don’t miss a visit to a museum during the holidays, we advise you to visit the Municipal Museum of Archeology of Albufeira.

Located in the ancient nucleus of the city, the Municipal Museum of Archeology is installed in the building where, until the end of the 80’s, the City Hall functioned. The Museum has areas for study, conservation, restoration and storage of materials, as well as a small themed library. The pieces are closely linked with the history of Albufeira, from its earliest origins to the 17th century, subdivided into four major nuclei: Prehistory, Roman Period, Islamic Period and Modern Age.

Municipal Museum of Archeology of Albufeira (DGPC)


When you visit a new place, it’s common to want to carry out activities that accomplish it and that make you leave the routine. The county of Albufeira has a lot to offer in terms of activities, and we’ll give you some options.

Of the several viewpoints that exist by the municipality of Albufeira, the most sought after is the Miradouro do Pau da Bandeira. With a magnificent landscape, you can reach this belvedere of escalators, from Pescadores Beach.

Miradouro do Pau da Bandeira (TripAdvisor)

Taking a pedestrian route to know the holiday destination is always a good option. That’s why we’ll tell you about the Paderne pedestrian route. The route integrates landscape components of the barrocal, humanized rural spaces, bush zones, agricultural zones and elements of the built cultural heritage.

Paderne pedestrian route (Sul Informação)

If you go on a holiday with a group of friends, Rua da Oura is a place that you can’t miss. Located two kilometers from Albufeira, this area known as Rua da Oura, it’s located on Avenida Sá Carneiro. It’s very busy in the high season, and you can find a wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars. The nightlife is very lively where the bars are open throughout the night with lots of music.

Rua da Oura (Visit Albufeira)

In addition to Rua da Oura, there are several parties, throughout the year, where you can spend moments of great fun. Even so, the biggest brand image of the county of Albufeira is the New Year. This event, common all over the world, attracts thousands of people to the county on the last night of each year.

New Year in Albufeira (Sul Informação)


The typical dishes of each place we choose to visit are always something that arouses our interest.

The chicken is a typical dish of the parish of Guia, in the county of Albufeira, even having a party dedicated to this dish. The Festival of Chicken of Guia takes thousands of people to this parish during the event that features the best chicken recipes in the region, along with the musical animation of a festive event.

Chicken of Guia (Algarve Press Diário)

As the tourists’ favorite destination for the summer, the county of Albufeira is also known for its carob ice cream. A delicacy that is highly appreciated and has several awards worldwide. It looks like chocolate, but it really is carob the most searched ice cream taste in Albufeira.

Carob ice cream (Uma ovelha no quintal)


Speaking of places in the Algarve without talking about beaches is practically impossible. The county of Albufeira has some of the best beaches to spend a few days on vacation.

Praia do Castelo presents a small beach with about 200 meters sheltered by an upstairs, with rocky walls cut out that rise to about 30 meters in height. Access to the beach is via a wooden staircase. It has a dirt-car park and paved access.

Praia do Castelo (Viagens e Férias)

On the Santa Eulália beach, you can find a wide beach surrounded by low cliffs with a meadow of pine trees on top of it. It has good infrastructures and equipment, and you can enjoy water scooters, seagulls, ski shark, buoys and kayaks.

Santa Eulália beach (Guia da Cidade)

After already mentioning Rua da Oura, this area also has a very searched beach: Oura Beach. Near Rua da Oura, Oura Beach has a considerable stretch of sand, being interrupted by Pedra dos Bicos, a rocky outcropping that is very jagged and divides the sand from the western part of the source.

Oura Beach (Booking)


If we were asked to decide where you should spend your vacation, within the county of Albufeira, we would have to opt for the village of Olhos d’Água.

Olhos d’Água is a small typical fishing village, 6 kilometers from Albufeira. From the 16th century it had a lookout point of Albufeira Square, and due to its historical strategy is an area of ​​importance.

It was named because in this village there are so-called freshwater scouts, which break into the sea, creating a rare and beautiful phenomenon in the sand.

Scouts (Portugal In)

After the 70’s, with the growth of tourism, this area has undergone major changes in economic structure and is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in the municipality of Albufeira.

The beach is splendid, with cliffs lined with pine trees and rocky promontories. The beach has a beaching, where the fishermen leave their traditional fishing boats, against a backdrop of an imposing cliff of sand and clay of reddish tones.

Praia dos Olhos d’Água (Algarve Imobiliária)


  • In New Year’s Eve 2009-2010, Praia dos Pescadores was the biggest toasting in the world, with 25 thousand people toasting the new year;
  • It was in Albufeira that the largest cataplana in the world was served on September 15, 2018, and served more than two thousand people;
  • The gastronomy of Albufeira was awarded to be considered one of the 7 Wonders – Tables of Portugal.

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